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Summer Streets 2

Posted: July 26, 2015 in Our Actions

Another day in Regents Street as part of Summer Streets.IMG_2738

Almost, dancing in the rain!!!

Thank you to City Academy for this great opportunity and for organising such an amazing event! Looking forward to more!


Today A(r)CT had the chance to perform at Regents Street as part of Summer Streets!!![]IMG_2671

It was great to see Regents Street with no traffic, full of life, full of music, dance and other free events.

Maybe an opportunity to visit this street for something else rather than shopping!

Join us next Sunday 26th July at 3.30pm and 4.55pm!

Don’t miss out next Sunday is the last one!



IMG_246226th June 2015: a great day at XTRAX/GDIF International Marketplace at Greenwich Dance, part of Greenwich and Docklands International Festival.

IMG_2454So proud to be part of such a big event amongst some of the most prestigious dance companies and outdoors live arts,  groups, such as Emergency Exit Arts, Conflux, StopGap Dane Company, Motionhouse, 2Faced Dance Company and many more.


It is great to see the field of outdoors arts expanding and gaining more power.  Art does not only belong to theatres and galleries, it belongs outside with the people.For the people. 

Also, great to meet with so many inspiring people and hear about some very exciting ideas and projects.

IMG_2447Now A(r)CT is ready to continue its journey…

    Stay tuned! 

Many thanks to Rosie Spawls and Gabi Serani for their help on the event!

_MG_3913 A(r)CT presented ”When you only have 20 minutes” (‘Οταν έχεις μόνο 20 λεπτά’) yesterday at the 2nd Scratch Festival in Athens (Texnoxoros CARTEL).

‘Time is money’ but what is worth more?  A piece about the power money and time have on us.. on our everyday life.. on the way we think and act.

And how they end up leading and conquering us… A constant battle between the will and need…time and money… a struggle for nothing.

Until we realise…what is actually worth it. Until we decide to rebel and say NO.

I feel the urge more than ever to make art that  gives a message, art that is truly related to the contemporary world. And I am glad that people appreciate this.

I always believed art CAN actually change the world. NOW it’s the time…
11651016_897374460318021_740791055_n 2

Millions of thanks to the beautiful performers Danae Pazirgianidi and Erifili Drakopoulou for their hard work and creative input, as well as to the greatest ever dance teacher who is always supporting every step I do.

11650945_897374466984687_199515506_n 2

Επειδή όπως λεμε, ο χρόνος ειναι χρήμα…

Αλλά τελικά τι αξίξει πιο πολύ;

Ο χρόνος ή το χρήμα;

Μία διαμάχη μεταξύ δύο μεγάλων εννοιών. Δύο εννοιών που εχουν δημιουργηθεί από τον ίδιο τον άνθρωπο και σήμερα δαμάζουν την ανθρωπότητα.

Μία εξερεύνηση της αλληλένδητης σχέσης του χρόνου και του χρήματος και της επιρροής τους στην καθημερινότητά μας.  Μέχρι να συνειδητοποιήσουμε..τι πραγματικά αξίζει. Μέχρι να αποφασίσουμε να αντιδράσουμε και να επαναστατήσουμε.

Πάντα πίστευα ότι η τέχνη έχει τη δύναμη να αλλάξει τον κόσμο.. Τώρα ίσως είναι η ώρα.

Ευχαριστώ πολύ τη Δανάη Παζιργιαννίδη και την Ερυφίλη Δρακοπούλου για την σκληρή δουλειά τους και τη δημιουργικότητά τους καθώς και τη μοναδική κ. Βάσω Κουκάκη που βρίσκεται πάντα δίπλα μου σε κάθε βήμα.


IMG_2170 Last week I had the great opportunity to work with Steve Lambert on Capitalism works for me TRUE/ FALSE. A totally life-changing, inspiring , unique experience, through which I finally witnessed what ART is really capable of! 

A live proof that art can inspire, can call for action, can open a conversation, can ask questions, can (to an extent) give answers, it can definitely make people react.. and hopefully make them ACT.

(We definitely need more art like this.)

Having discussed with more than 50 people the past few days gave me so much knowledge in many different aspects. It made me realise how important is especially nowadays to THINK!  To think and question everything you see or hear. And I say especially nowadays because we are susceptible to messages, adverts, news more than ever. And even worse we are cultivated with the idea that there isIMG_2173 NO need of Knowing… Surely there is something wrong and dishonest about this strategy…

Talking with people about the big subject of capitalism sometimes filled me with disappointment, anger or sadness, but some other times people’s words really gave me courage, inspiration, excitement,the power to continue…and loads of other emotions that cannot be described by typing on a keyboard. Some things can only be said, discussed and felt face to face. 

But where is the space for that? Do we have time to pause and discuss with a stranger about Capitalism???

and if not… maybe it’s capitalism itself that doesn’t allow us to do so.

IMG_2188Comments and thoughts made by people I had the chance to talk to:

‘We are made to think that capitalism works.’


‘It’s time for change and we need change. But how do you make people understand and work towards it?  There is not much time left.’

‘We need to think the “me” as the whole world. We are all together in this. Then you can vote: Does Capitalism works for ‘me’?’


   ‘And what is the solution? …Maybe is inside us?

Maybe… The first step is to question… Then I am sure.. all together, we can find a fairer solution for everyone.

But let’s just not accept once more to obey to money…

Now, it’s your time to vote..


Let’s PLAY!!!!

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A really fun morning in Southbank! Encouraging young and older people to be creative! 🙂

Thank you for everyone that joined and shared a creative moment with us!

More pictures to come…IMG_2083