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”Art has always been useful, even when it insists it is not. Art has valorised wealth, art has set ideals for racial, class and gender superiority, and art has even created an escape from politics. What we are asking for is art to be self-consciously useful for social change.”


”We live under capitalism so there is nothing that you or I do that is not influenced by capitalism: from how we think about our art to the way we brush out teeth. There is no outside; no autonomous realm. But we can be conscious of this fact and from within this space and within these confines use our art to reflect back – in the long-standing artistic tradition of mimesis – upon capitalism. We can also do something even more important: use our creativity to imagine something, someplace different: utopia. These utopias are, as the Greek roots of the word suggests, no-place. They are fictions only imagined within and through our current situation, yet they can give us a direction and a path out of the present and into a new, and as of yet nonsensical, future. Art, at its best, has always done this”



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Interview with Stephen Duncombe