About what?

We believe that ART CAN realise a social CHANGE and it has the power to transform the individuals and therefore THE SOCIETY.

Here you can find the news of our live arts group “A(r)CT” as well as other interesting articles, sources, videos and many more. 

How it all started…

How does ART function in today’s society, where CAPITALISM governs everything around us?

What does it mean for ART to be useful within a ‘world of economy’ and to what extent can it be effective?

This blog was created in the context of my research project which investigated the questions above and much more. It started as a place to gather and share all the interesting information that I found during my research process as well as some of my thoughts on this huge and maybe (!) unanswerable question. 

At the end of 2014 I decided to launch A(r)CT: a live performing arts group that attempts to deal with all the above in a more practical way. We want to promote art that has a social meaning and is accessible to everyone.

Because art can act. We just need to utilise this power.

… Feel free to comment and share

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  1. That is a very interesting question, Eleni. I don’t think it is unanswerable, though. An exploration will be helpful!


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