Posted: January 5, 2020 in News, Notes

Watching an old documentary “Exit through the gift shop”   which follows the path of Thierry Guetta and the birth of Mr. Brainwash gave me a push to dive again in the amazing world of street art.

Looking at Space Invader’s tiny mosaic space figures and then at Shepard Fairey’s famous OBEY and ending up watching a video from a day in Banksy’s biggest exhibition “Dismaland” made me realise the immense value of street art in the art world,  and the world in general. People with creativity and sometimes outrageous courage that decide to get out, express their voice on the walls and show that art holds a certain amount of freedom that it is won through rebellion, opposition and innovation.

Now… what is Brandalism?

Brandalism is a way of using street art to directly sabotage the power of advertising big brands and companies. If you ask me, it is an artistic action against Capitalism.

Here’s the definitely worth reading manifesto :

“This fight, waged in all places,
on all networks and circuits of communication
is the responsibility of all who believe another world is possible.

This is our battle-cry, our semiotic war,
our rage against consumer mis-philosophy,
and the machines of predatory corporatism,
that block out the sun
burn our atmosphere

We steal this space (from capitalism)
and we give it back to you for free
for the communication of possible futures

So imagine, if you will, another world
Emptied of mad empires,
Manufactured fears,
Paranoid dreams
and marauded lands.

Now imagine the sounds of those memories
crushing in your hands.

Instead of the facile dreams of consumer products and
the shadow festival
of fake-estate lifestyle choice,
pacifying with wealth those who remember,
smart-drugging the next generation of revolutionary minds.

We are people, not targets.

It might be time to listen to the rage inside,
the rage against more of the same
the rage because another world must be possible,
a rage against the atrophy of hope.
A rage against the changing climate, bullshit jobs,
division, fear.

So we subvertise here for hope,
hope that is never too late to start.

Take this space.
Silent rebels, and loud dreamers,
take this space,
young pacifiers and old lovers.

Don’t hide in the shadows, steal their space,
their damaging words and aesthetics.

We take this space back to speak truth to power,
to oppression, to injustice,
against those that would have us give our lives,
our brightest years,
of all that we are and could be
to the serpent of consumption
perpetuating a world we don’t believe in
distracting us from each other in favour of ourselves,
destroying our ability to think and fantasise wildly.

We, who are you, have come to realise that
to dream is the beginning,
all that remains is action,
to reclaim the space to express.”

Now, if you ask me how effective is brandalism I cannot answer for sure but for me the important thing is that it exists and it shakes and shapes the images we see and are being brainwashed from. It is a way to say no to what someone else decide’s to put in front of our eyes.




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