Capitalism works for me. TRUE/ FALSE.

Posted: June 8, 2015 in News
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IMG_2170 Last week I had the great opportunity to work with Steve Lambert on Capitalism works for me TRUE/ FALSE. A totally life-changing, inspiring , unique experience, through which I finally witnessed what ART is really capable of! 

A live proof that art can inspire, can call for action, can open a conversation, can ask questions, can (to an extent) give answers, it can definitely make people react.. and hopefully make them ACT.

(We definitely need more art like this.)

Having discussed with more than 50 people the past few days gave me so much knowledge in many different aspects. It made me realise how important is especially nowadays to THINK!  To think and question everything you see or hear. And I say especially nowadays because we are susceptible to messages, adverts, news more than ever. And even worse we are cultivated with the idea that there isIMG_2173 NO need of Knowing… Surely there is something wrong and dishonest about this strategy…

Talking with people about the big subject of capitalism sometimes filled me with disappointment, anger or sadness, but some other times people’s words really gave me courage, inspiration, excitement,the power to continue…and loads of other emotions that cannot be described by typing on a keyboard. Some things can only be said, discussed and felt face to face. 

But where is the space for that? Do we have time to pause and discuss with a stranger about Capitalism???

and if not… maybe it’s capitalism itself that doesn’t allow us to do so.

IMG_2188Comments and thoughts made by people I had the chance to talk to:

‘We are made to think that capitalism works.’


‘It’s time for change and we need change. But how do you make people understand and work towards it?  There is not much time left.’

‘We need to think the “me” as the whole world. We are all together in this. Then you can vote: Does Capitalism works for ‘me’?’


   ‘And what is the solution? …Maybe is inside us?

Maybe… The first step is to question… Then I am sure.. all together, we can find a fairer solution for everyone.

But let’s just not accept once more to obey to money…

Now, it’s your time to vote..


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