Art is everywhere if you say so

Posted: November 26, 2019 in Articles, Documents etc.

Yesterday I came across the following post by Austin Kleon.

Starting his article by the phrase “Declare it art”  he continues :

“I walked past this handicapped spot yesterday and thought of the “Make it art” assignment from Rob Walker’s The Art of Noticing:

Think then of some regular walk or drive or ride you experience often, or even that you’re experiencing for the first time. Imagine yourself a curator. Decide what, among the things you notice, you might declare public works of art.

Perhaps a disheveled pylon marking a street flaw that ought to have been fixed by now. Maybe a post that seems to be a lingering remnant of an otherwise departed fence. Possibly even a child with a piercing stare.

Grant yourself the superpower of making “art” wherever you go, and see how that changes what you perceive.

Art is everywhere, if you say so. “



It is true though that almost everything that surround us can be declared as art, the problem is we usually don’t have the time to appreciate it and admire it as we do with a piece of art.

When we visit a gallery or we go to the theatre we decide to slow down, we give time to ourselves to open our minds and our hearts and receive what the art piece has to offer. We want to understand, to feel and be amazed by what we see.

Imagine if we could confront the world as if we are in a gallery or an art museum or a theatre hall.  We look from a different perspective. We  feel, we see the beauty on things otherwise unimportant. Everything suddenly takes a different form , more valuable, more unique. Like a piece of art.

Let’s think that art is everywhere. Could be worth the challenge…


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για birds on a wire photograph by Chris Cabral

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