Deadline @Tate

Posted: December 7, 2015 in Videos & Images

On Saturday 5th December I visited Tate as I heard about the Deadline Festival ; a 3 day arts festival to launch Tate’s deadline year to come off fossil fuels.


I watched the short play: ‘Tickets are now on sale’ dealing with environmental and not only stereotypes, issues, and other things ‘not to be said’, which undoubtedly reinforced my idea that arts can play a very important role at highlighting the problems and asking the people to react or search for solutions.

After that I had the opportunity to hear some very inspiring people and artists talk about Performance and Power. These were: Michael McMillan , Lucy Neal, Cecilia Wee, Lucy Ellinson and Feimatta Conteh.










Overall it was such a great idea to push Tate to say no more to BP #dropBP and to motivate and inform people about the dirty deals of one of the  biggest art organisation.

Source: Deadline @Tate ,

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