Work presentation day

Posted: May 4, 2014 in News

On Tuesday the 29th of April a lot of people saw the installation I created based on my research project. ???????????????????????????????

The reactions were various and some of them I would say surprising!  I saw people getting angry, annoyed or even disappointed when reading the manifesto.  And others that seemed puzzled.

Some people were doubting the statements and asking me questions which I might have not even think about before.

I am very pleased I managed to create something that intrigues thoughts and doubts, that can provoke and propose.

It was great to see people thinking and to hear their opinions.   It was great to talk with people, discuss about this huge subject and take it even further.

So,  thank you also to all those that paused for a moment to read the manifesto, to think and to question; me, themselves or art.



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