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Wendy Houstoun. Stupid Women.

Posted: September 27, 2015 in Videos & Images

Yesterday I watched Wendy Houstoun’s piece Stupid Women and it was absolutely everything: humorous , energetic, satirical, powerful, chaotic, thought-provoking and provocative. All at once.

Many people support that dance performances should mainly focus on something specific, which sometimes leads to pieces of  dance with endless and repetitive abstract movement and a huge (once more) abstract/deep statement.

On the other hand pieces like Stupid Women deal with various topics, unravelling unforcedly individual images that offer plenty food for thought. Criticising the dance world as well as commenting on the ‘real’ sociopolitical world.

Using clever props, well thought texts and music they created a very unique performance that had anything you would ever want to see on stage (even a football net!).

Wendy Houstoun stupid women (photos by Chris Nash)_0I haven’t seen a piece so captivating in every sense for a very very long time. I personally believe that art/dance etc should give something that you can take with you in terms of though
ts, emotions etc. It should somehow link to who you are right there right now and offer some messages either directly or indirectly.

Yesterday I felt that everything was unforcedly given to us. The images created were full of history and meaning-only if your were ready to accept that. But even otherwise the uncomfort that was brought into the room was kind of pleasant !!!

I enjoyed that anarchic chaos more than anything. It almost felt like one of my craziest dreams was coming true!

I can’t even describe with worlds the feeling that I left the theatre with. Almost like I was complete…


Today A(r)CT had the opportunity to perform in The Broadway Theatre and be part of the Emerging Choreographers Platform 2015! 

Such a great day watching some really moving and inspiring dance pieces by young choreographers!


Thank you to Liza Vallance and studio3Arts [] for their support.


Watching this kid in Leicester Square last week, drawing with some trash, water and fallen leaves made me smile.

And it made me think how much we can learn from children. How much we know about the world when we are this age. How true, honest, creative and imaginative we are.

So, why do we lose these characteristics as we grow older? Is there a way we can keep this child inside us alive forever?

Next time you are going to feel like dancing or singing, do it! Or if it happens to find yourself with a paper and a pen.. try drawing something instead of writing your “to do” list! Make up a story and become a character! Remember how you were seeing the world when you were young… and then try to see the world like this again. 

Try! It works (sometimes!) 11041138_1610592725885038_5417033097799140265_n

So What? 3

Posted: May 29, 2015 in News, Our Actions, Videos & Images


So What? 3 at Footprint Dance Festival.

just before the show… =) crazy team in action!



Extract from Performance:

Some pictures from our day at MOTUS Festival: Adjustements at Milton Keynes, in a rather interesting and extremely fascinating space. With the amazing Julia Begtsson , Jack Sergison and Ellen Slatkin!!! More to come… IMG_0468 IMG_0466 IMG_0464  IMG_0461 IMG_0472 IMG_0474 IMG_0470IMG_0479IMG_0475  IMG_0453   IMG_0456

Had the amazing opportunity to teach at Vaso Koukaki Dance School in Greece. Thank you to everyone that participated. See you again soon!

Ευχαριστω πολύ ολους οσους συμμετειχαν στα μαθηματα! Ηταν μοναδικη εμπειρια!