‘No entry’ ???

Posted: March 20, 2016 in Videos & Images

Yesterday, I was yet in another march, another public demonstration, in Trafalgar square. A march standing to refugees but not only… standing to all the people that have suffered from wars, from injustice, from racism and fascism and are still suffering.

People that have died from policemen, people who didn’t speak because they thought they didn’t have the power or the right to do so.

People that fight to remain human…

to find a home…

to live.

There, I saw this sign and I laughed for a few seconds… A ‘NO ENTRY’ sign amongst many ‘Refugees are Welcome’.  I found it quite comicotragical (something that makes you laugh and cry at the same time).


A sign that was placed there by the government… by the mayor of London, by the Greater London Authority as it states. By those in ‘power’, those who make the rules (?) The laws (?)

Then I thought that here’s the problem. Not in that specific sign of course… But in the way we react.

Even if thousands or millions of us are holding signs, shouting, demonstrating, marching, voting, THEY will still be the ones that pass the laws, that close the borders, the ones that decide based on their profits (and the capitalist system that nurtures them) and not on humans lives or children’s dreams…

Maybe we should gradually, powerfully and forcefully take off all these ‘signs’ and create the society we want to be living in…


we should find a way…


to change.



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