Jeff Koon’s ‘Charity Art’

Posted: December 7, 2014 in News, Notes
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I was recently reading an article regarding Jeff Koon’s ‘new’ Art!

It specifically talks about Jeff Koon’s new artwork that was created  in order to raise money to contribute to UN Foundation charity. The amount? $5.5m ….

There was some discussion around this subject and many different opinions seemed to have been raised around Koon’s action to kindly offer ‘some’ money earned from his art to a charity.

However, I was mainly drawn to one of the comments under the article that stated: ”This helps…”

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 14.49.28

So, yes. I totally agree that somehow this helps. But that’s not my point.

Is, in this case, the art that really helps? or the money?

What if Jeff Koon wasn’t a famous, millionaire artist? Would his artwork raise $5.5m?

Probably not. Which means that as an artist he wouldn’t be able to help or offer anything to any charity.

In the modern art world everyone knows what sells and what can raise money.   So, some artists choose to ‘help’ our society by creating this kind of artworks that will raise money for a good cause and will then give them even more fame and wealth.

On the other hand, some artists choose to make artworks that are not about the money. They are about the artwork itself and how art without involving any money, any advertising, selling and buying can ACTUALLY help. (see Tania Bruguera )

In a capitalist society money is involved in every action and activity . Money through art shouldn’t be the only way to offer help.

Because Art should be the Action, not the medium.

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