About invisible art.

Posted: September 30, 2014 in News

I usually disagree with the use of social media, apart from when people post very interesting things that can intrigue even more interesting conversations.

For example, a few days ago I found this article with title:   ‘New York artist creates ‘art’ that is invisible and collectors are paying millions’. 



After looking at this picture for quite a while, I thought , that can’t be true.

Who would just stand there to admire a plain wall??

And even worse why would collectors pay for a piece of nothing? What is that makes this artwork expensive?

My comment to this article was that I should definitely create a piece where the audience comes in the theatre, sits down and then with an empty stage, imagines the rest. Wouldn’t that be a great performance of contemporary dance?

I definitely agree with the idea that art should give people the freedom to use their imagination.. but certainly to an extent.

…Conversation under the post:

  • Malin Smedhagen i kinda did that in my last piece at uni, it was related to art, i had 30 sec of empty stage, where the dancers where just standing at the sides while the music was still going, to kinda make people start thinking about stuff, like if an artist puts a blank canvas in a gallery/museum people will look at it and think it’s genius, analyse it and talk about it like it’s art, when in fact it’s just a blank canvas, while if you’re in a shop or the street and see a blank canvas you wouldn’t think twice, same thing with space when we walk into a studio or stage we just see it as a space, nothing more but if we suddenly put it in a performance setting with lights and music, but still empty space, people are gonna analyse and look at it different… and i think that is quite interesting, why do people do that… i think sometimes people are just pretentious and wanna seem like they understand and see something other people don’t and i seriously think that sometimes these artists are just messing with people to see what they can get away with and fool people into buying or believing..
  • Eleni Papaioannou I think that’s a great point Malin!! But it makes me wonder why we just call art something that is defined by the space is in?
    For me art that has a real value should have the same effect whether in a gallery/theatre or outside in the streets. It shouldn’t just be about those people that try to make sense out of nothing. It should be more about everyone else.
  • Malin Smedhagen i couldn’t agree more, but the problem is that there are a few people who sit with power and decide what’s art or not, or people with a lot of money that can create a hype about something… just watch exit through the gift shop.. also look at the whole graffiti scene, it’s mostly considered vandalism, cause it’s in public spaces, but most of the time it’s really artistic pieces..

Undoubtedly, no one can really define what is good or bad art and even more what is art in general. My only concern is that often people and artists do treat art as something vague, as something so abstract that ceases to be part of our world.


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