Posted: April 27, 2014 in News, Notes
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My Art Manifesto  is part of my research project : What it means for art to be useful in today’s capitalist society.

While developing my research project I felt the urge to create a manifesto in order to be able to freely present my thoughts about the subject. Thus, I decided to create a manifesto in the form of a short video so that it can be easily ‘read’ and promoted. The video-manifesto is a manifestation of my personal views on what it means for art to be ‘useful’ and how it should be utilised in a capitalist environment and it can also constitute as a motivation for more artists to explore this concept.

I acknowledge the fact that the form of the video has a didactic and explicit character, however the main purpose of a manifesto is to state clearly and boldly the views of a person or an organisation. Therefore, I would ask the manifesto to be seen as an exhortation rather than as a command or an obligation.


Please feel free to comment, write your ideas and thoughts!


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