‘Hang your investment on the wall’

Posted: April 3, 2014 in News, Notes
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IMG   IMG_0001

So,while walking in the street last week someone gave me this flyer.  At the beginning I thought it was a usual flyer advertising a restaurant, a shop or offering some kind of discount if you spend £50 or more! But it wasn’t.

It is advertising ART.

Affordable Art of the Highest Quality‘  available in a commercial exhibition with- ironically- free entry!

‘Original Art from £40-£1,000‘ . It couldn’t be more obvious that art has taken the form of a product with monetary value promising to be a good investment and occasionally offer a good aesthetic.

Then of course there is the argument that artists need somehow to earn their living through their art.But is it worth it to create art just to be bought as an investment from someone else?

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