Extracts from interview with Brooke McGowen

Posted: April 1, 2014 in News, Notes, Quotes
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”The question is useful for whom? The art scene as a playground for the wealthy is an especially decadent aspect of America’s decline. I think art has more purpose than just entertainment. It has a social responsibility to be an uncorrupted voice, giving the truth a form everyone can understand.”

”The special thing about real art is that it is independent of the economic system. That makes art predestined to represent an objective view. That is the true value of art, not some fantasy market value. The value of art is the contribution it makes to understanding reality. To fulfill this function it cannot be compromised by ideologies or special interests. The only interest real art serves is the interest of life itself.”

”For me, real cultural production is the result of the artist’s interaction with social reality. Real art is the communication of emotional information that is meaningful to people in general and not just a commodity for a few wealthy collectors.

Real art cannot serve capitalist interests. It is a revolutionary medium that can help us realize a better future.


 Find the whole interview here: https://artforwhat.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/interview-with-brooke-mcgowen.pdf

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